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Main products: LOW-E coated glass, heat reflective coated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, colored glazed glass, self-cleaning glass, fireproof glass, photovoltaic solar photovoltaic glass, etc.

Tempered Glass

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1, tempered glass:

And quenched, the internal molecular structure is changed, the surface to form a uniform strong compressive stress, to form a uniform strong internal tensile stress of the glass several times to increase the mechanical strength at high temperature (650 ℃, began to soften).

2, semi-tempered glass:

Semi-tempered glass and glass processing principle is similar. The heating temperature is about 650 ℃, than the glass heating temperature is lower, while the cooling rate is relatively slow.

3, steel and semi steel difference:

Tempered glass is less than half strength, big generous is about twice that of ordinary glass. But broken pieces of a larger, similar to annealed glass, can not be used as safety glass use.

4. Scope

Tempered safety glass, widely used in mechanical strength and safety requirements of the higher places. Such as: shower room, glass doors, building walls, facades windows, interior partitions, furniture, and more intense near the heat source position by thermal shock partition.

No semi-tempered glass blew ills, widely used in glass curtain walls, conservatories, greenhouses, partition and decoration industries.

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