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Main products: LOW-E coated glass, heat reflective coated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, colored glazed glass, self-cleaning glass, fireproof glass, photovoltaic solar photovoltaic glass, etc.

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LOW-E glass

1, Low-E glass

Also known as Low-E glass, multilayer metal or other compounds in the composition of the glass surface coated with a film-based products. Its coating layer having a high transmission of visible light and high infrared reflectance characteristics COSCO, compared with ordinary glass and conventional coated glass used in construction, with excellent insulation effect and good light transmission.

2, the production method

Online pyrolysis deposition method:

These products are completed in the float glass process of cooling. The liquid metal or metal powder directly sprayed onto the hot glass surface, with the cooling of the glass, the metal film becomes part of the glass. This solid, the film hard and durable.

This method of production of "Low-E" glass has many advantages: it can Rewan, steel, do not use in a hollow state, can long-term storage. The disadvantage is the relatively poor thermal properties. Unless the film is very thick, otherwise the "u" value is only sputtering "Low-E" coated glass half. If you want to increase the thickness of the film to improve its thermal properties, its transparency is very poor.

Offline vacuum sputtering:

Sputtering process to produce "Low-E" glass, you need a layer of silver film as a functional film. Silver membrane between two-story metal oxide film. The metal oxide film to provide protection for silver film, and the film as an intermediate layer between the light transmittance and increase the purity of color.

Sputtering production "Low-E" glass, it has the following characteristics:

As with many metal target selection, and a combination of a plurality of metal targets, therefore, the production of sputtering "Low-E" glass can have various configurations. Color and purity, sputtering is better than thermal spraying, but, because it is off-line method, in new product development also more flexible. The main advantage lies in the production of sputtering "Low-E" hollow glass its "u" value superior pyrolysis products "u" value, but its drawback is that silver oxide film is very fragile, so it is not possible like ordinary glass used in the same. It must be made of hollow glass, and in the hollow product is not made before, but also not suitable for long-distance transport.

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