2012 cooperation seminar of “Aolan” and “Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics , Chinese Acadamy of Sciences” was held in Nantong

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      On January 29,2012 cooperationseminar of “Aolan” and “Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics,Chinese Acadamy of Sciences”(“SITP” for short)was successfully held in Nantong Overseas China Hotel, Mr. Dai Ning, director of SITP, Mr.Shen Xuechu, academician of Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, Mr. Lu Wei, representative of “Nantong science and technology innovation team ",Doctor Yu LiMing, ”jianghai  elite” represtative, and the relative leaders of Nantong technology bureau attend the meeting.


      In the combination work conference, chairman of “Aolan”, Mr.Huang LinChong,firstly introduced the development condition of the company, then he reviewed the cooperation process with “SITP” since 2009 and fully affirmed the importance of cooperation for the enterprise. Huang said 2013 is a key year for the enterprise to realize the transformation and upgrading, “Aolan” eagerly need science and technology application together with innovation and technology support, promoting the combination of deep cooperation, he hope that both sides will strengthen communication and cooperation in 2013, to produce more, newer, better cooperation project and accomplish industrialization effectively.


      Then, project representatives and the experts of “SITP” made summary reports to the cooperation subjects of two sides in 2012 in turn, as well as the future market development trend forecast and analysis. Moreover, some of them made the feasible suggestions on how to realize the industrialization of R&D project.


      In the interactive communication course, the experts and scholars had a deep discussion and communication on some hot topics of industry-university-research cooperation, Mr. Dai Ning, director of SITP, and Mr.Shen Xuechu, academician of Chinese Acadamy of Sciences made important speeches as well in order, both of them made a wish for the new close cooperation between the two sides in 2013.


     Finally, the relative leader of Nantong science and technology bureau made a high degree of evaluation to the meeting, he said: the meeting is a highly practical meeting, in today’s world, one enterprise must rely on advanced science and technology as support to seek persistent development, Nowadays, the country has formally taken "innovation drive" as the main line of the “12th 5 years” development, only the enterprise taking the market as the guidance, and combination, can realize the great-leap-forward development.

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